My on-the-job web work has been spent maintaining web pages that started out as someone else’s template. This requires knowledge of html and css coding plus knowing the capabilities of the content management system being used. I've used Drupal for many years and have kept pace (against the odds) with a recalcitrant I.T. as they have added and removed modules.

This is my old podcast website. It’s based on a css template I found. The contact page contains a small piece of php code. I cut and pasted and fiddled with the code until it worked.


I moved the podcast to a new Wordpress template at:



WARNING: This is a Flash website ;-) . I included it here for two reasons. First, it shows my interest in animation. I've spent many hours learning animation software applications but never found an interested client. This project was the closest I've come to putting animation to work. Secondly, the way this site functions would be immersive as it features an early attempt at a 360° gallery. The skeuomorphic design would appeal to photographers.

The website you are looking at now was made with Adobe Muse.


This site was last updated 7/10/2019