Why “Rot”?


Botrytis cinerea or the Noble Rot is a mold that grows on the skin of grapes and is necessary to create certain dessert wines.

Rotcast was a podcast that reached 26 episodes in total. It began as a way to collect my personal stories and mix them with those of my family and friends. I wanted to make it an audio magazine with several departments. For about three years this occupied my life, as I  taught myself about audio software, digital recording devices and rss feeds.


Rotcast never found an audience, but it was a fun adventure for me. It kept me busy and added a structure to my interactions with family and friends that was not only tolerated, but welcomed. It was as if my people assumed there would be a game of cards after dinner. The recording sessions were that type of fun.  The shows are below. I recommend the lava lamp cover (titled: Episode #16 Volcanoes).

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